SLG – How do we delete an online report or reports which are already published?


You have online reports published in SLG that are visible to users that you need to delete


  • You have accidentally published reports at the wrong time
  • You have found an error which needs to be corrected in published reports
  • You have reports published which are no longer relevant
  • you have reached your storage quota and need to free space to publish additional reports


  1. There is no bulk or single report delete option
  2. You need to re-publish the reports which you want to remove
  3. This time set the publishing end date so that it is in the past, yesterday for example
  4. They will then be removed from view on the next provisioning run (tonight)
  5. They are then and automatically deleted and therefore come off of your storage quota the following week.

Last Reviewed: 17/02/2015

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