SchoolChooser is an application that allows a single Scomis Hosted Applications user ID and password to be used with multiple schools on the Hosted Platform.  The initial versions of SchoolChooser allowed users to select a school from a drop down list.  The list was populated from information in the Scomis Hosted Applications platform.

What’s New?

Following customer feedback, the latest version of SchoolChooser

  • Now remembers the last school that the user accessed
  • Allows the user to set a Home School which will “always” be the automatically selected school (User will need to click the Home Icon)
  • The Connect button is now the default action, so pressing enter will connect to the selected school
  • The Connect and Logout buttons have keyboard shortcuts Alt+C for Connect and Alt+L for Logout

Customers don’t need to do anything to start benefiting from the latest version.

Hosted Applications - SchoolChooser

If you wish to have access to the school chooser please see: https://faq.scomis.org/kb13670/

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