Scomis Self Service Portal – An Introduction to

What is Scomis Self Service Portal?

Scomis Self Service Portal is a Web-based application, which allows you to access your organisation’s IT support and services, at any time of the day.

You can log onto Scomis Self Service Portal using your web browser, using the address

You can use Scomis Self Service Portal to request IT support or request a particular set of IT services.

Other Scomis Self Service Portal functions include:

  • View public announcements on service availability
  • Track the status of your requests, and receive updates on open requests
  • Send feedback on requests to Scomis
  • Run reports

Help yourself to IT support

Scomis Self Service Portal gives you a single location to create and monitor your requests with Scomis.

This avoids the need for you to keep track of emails or telephone calls.

All requests are handled consistently, and are stored in a single location – so you always know where to look, to find out what is happening for a particular request you made.

Getting started couldn’t be easier

Users of our Hosted Application Service can use their existing login details. Look under Apps and Tools for the Self Service Portal shortcut.

If you don’t use our Hosted Application Service please call the Service Desk on 01392 385300 to obtain a username and password.

The portal is only available to Scomis customers and for security reasons it is only accessible from within the South West Grid for Learning SWGfL unless you use our Hosted Application service with Remote Access (VPN).

You can access Scomis Self Service Portal by clicking on this link

For more information on the Scomis Self Service Portal and how to use it, take a look at


Reviewed on 08/04/2016

Scomis Self Service Portal – An Introduction to

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