Adding a Hosted User to Supportworks/the Portal

If a user from a Hosted Applications school wants access to the Portal or to be setup in Supportworks they will need to request that a member of staff from their School with System Manager rights in SIMS set them up as a user (they don’t need to be given any permissions) and requested as a Hosted Applications user in the normal way.

When the request comes through and is then actioned by Server and Network, they will receive an email with their username and password. They will need to allow 24 hours from receiving that email to be able to access the Portal.


If they request that we contact the main administrator for them please log & resolve a New User Service Request and send the following email template as a resolution update:

Dear …….

A member of staff from your school has logged a call with us/requested that they have access to the Scomis Self Service Portal.

In order for their account to be setup they will need to be added as a user in SIMS in the normal way and then a  new user request sent to us via the Request New User link.

Note: You don’t have to add them to any permission groups in SIMS.

The name of the member of staff is:

They will receive an email with their username and password and be able to access the Portal 24 hours later.


Reviewed 27/05/2015

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