Move a school to a different server

From time to time it my be necessary to move a schools SIMS and FMS databases to a different server.  These are the outline steps that are required for doing this.

Move Database

  • Use DBAttach to detach the schools databases.
  • Move them onto the Target Server
  • Reattach the Databases
  • Update schools Connect.ini, FMSConnect.ini, DatabaseSelector INI and fmsaccsys.vdb files.
  • Move the Document Management Server Folder

Update Group Membership

  • Open Active Directory
  • Locate the old DBServer (simsnet.local/groups/servers) and remove the school group from the “Members”
  • Locate the new DB Server and add the school group to the Members

Move Schools Folder

On the Target Server

  • Create new School Folder in E:\SIMS
  • Remove inheritance from E:\SIMS\Schoolname
  • Assign the correct permissions (System:F, SIMSDB99\Administrators:F; AdminAccessDrives:F, ScomisUsers:R, SchoolGroup:R)
  • From an elevated command prompt, run Robocopy to Mirror the data.
  • robocopy \\SIMSDB99\Schoolname$ E:\SIMS\Schoolname /MIR
  • Share the E:\SIMS\Schoolname as Schoolname$
  • Assign Share permissions accordingly
  • Update \\simsnet.local\dfsroot1$\Scripts3\Schools\Logon\Schools\Schoolname.vbs with new server name


  • Test the z account
  • Update Document Management Server
  • Test a report
  • Test FMS
  • Setup FMS Reviewer User
  • Update any DNS Entries





Reviewed on 01/08/2019

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