Reallocate UPN Tool

Update 07/03/18:  The Spring 2018 update introduces the reallocate function from within the student / applicant record.  A delete button appears next to the former UPN field.  Simply press the delete button next to the former UPN field to re-allocate it.   To reallocate a current UPN –

Open the Pupil / Applicant record.

Delete the UPN from the UPN field and Save.

The UPN field will be blank but the UPN will appear in the former UPN field.

Press the delete button next to the Former UPN field.

If there have been many changes to the UPN, so that a UPN has been allocated and is not visible in the pupil / applicant record, the Re-allocate UPN tool is still available as per the advice below.


Reallocate UPN Tool. Please only use this if you have been directed to do so by Scomis. For hosted schools the user with User Management access in the school can assign this shortcut to you. Please contact the Service Desk if further assistance is required

RE-Allocate UPN _HBCJ0555


Reviewed 30/07/2020


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