Resizing photos in Photo Report

You may need to add photos into a report, when they are added in as they are from the field chooser, they can often be a mixture of sizes so you may need to resize the photos.

  • Open up the report in design mode Reports – Design Report – Open an Existing Report or design a report from scratch if you haven’t already.
  • Select the Default Output Section where you define the report’s presentaton and output format
  • Select Form Report (RTF)
  • If you haven’t created a template yet then click on User Defined template and select yes to start from a blank template
  • If you have already created a template then select Edit
  • If ‘Photo’ is not already included in the tempalte, go to Add-Ins – Insert and add the <Photo> field
  • Within the field, set a value that will be used to scale the photos e.g.

<Photo 100%>


<Photo 100×100>

  • In Add Ins – click on Save and Close

Updated on 24/10/2016

Reviewed 30/07/2020 – AT

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