Deploying Scomis Hosted SIMS from Chromebooks with GSuite Admin Console

There are two methods of accessing hosted SIMS from a Chromebook. Each method has pros and cons for different users. Please find a brief overview below.


  1. Web Client – Click here.
    • PROS
    • Best for light usage (users who tend to only enter lesson attendance and assessment data into SIMS)
    • Can export print jobs to PDF which can then be sent to the printer.
    • Only requires a browser, no application required (very portable).
    • Works on all Chromebooks.
    • CONS
    • Login can take up to 40 seconds.
    • Can’t use enhanced printing options that can be done on Windows Client.
    • Typical User – Classroom Teacher that needs basic access to SIMS and has the need to print.
    • Intermittent SIMS use.


  1. Remote Desktop Client – Desktop App.
    • PROS
    • Best for light usage (users who tend to only enter lesson attendance and assessment data into SIMS).
    • Better user experience (graphics).
    • Fast login.
    • Remote Desktop has full backup services (if SWGfL goes down, connection will still be possible).
    • CONS
    • Can’t print.
    • Requires a modern Chromebook with play store. Click here to see if your device is supported.
    • Requires app setup.
    • Typical User – Classroom Teacher/SENCO. Uses SIMS regularly but does not require printing.
    • Regular SIMS use.
    • Will require school IT Technician and Google Administrator to deploy app.


For IT Technicians

If you want more technical information on WebClient click on this FAQ

If you want to use RD Client on the Chromebooks, you will need to deploy the client and then the shortcut to any staff that need access.

The following videos will show you how to deploy the RD Client and the links.

We currently offer two different links to our platform and either should work fine. (We offer two connections for resilience purposes).


Deploying RD Client

If your device is not managed through schools management console but are managed as standalone devices follow the instructions on FAQ



Deploying Hosted SIMS Shortcut

In the following video you will be requested to paste the following address for the Hosted Connector Link –




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