How do I add a new user to FMS?

To create a new user in FMS a current user of FMS must have Supervisor level access.

They will need to :

  1. Log into FMS and go to Tools>Manage Users.
  2. Click on the + on the right, enter a User ID with no spaces eg JBloggs,
  3. Enter the user name eg Joseph Bloggs,
  4. Enter user code – usually the person’s initials eg JCB, click create and yes.
  5. Enter a password – this can be changed on subsequent login.
  6. Choose the appropriate access rights to Finance and Equipment Register depending on the role of the new user.
  7. Click Save.

It is IMPORTANT to answer the next question correctly as to whether this user should be able to add new users and change passwords.

Click close.


Last reviewed 29//7/20


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