How do I add a new user to DCC/Plymouth Applications

It is only available to users with system manager rights to DCC/Plymouth Applications.

1. Log into Claims Preparation(or Petty cash authorization)>User> User Setup.

2. Click on New this enables the controls in the bottom half of the window. Type in the Login Name, Full Name and User Reference.

3. Tick the system manager access box if required for the new user, then click on Save.  Note down the automatically generated password – it is case sensitive.

4. After creating a new user it is necessary to grant permissions to use software modules.  Select the user and then click Edit Access Rights.

5. Tick software as required and then Save the changes.  You will be taken back to the Login Setup screen, click on Close

6. The new user needs to login using the login name and random password noted above, it will then request a new password which needs to contain upper/lower case, numbers and/or a character.



Reviewed 03/01/2018

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