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Encryption: Can I relax the password policy for my school


Can I relax the password policy used by the Scomis Encryption Service for my school so that my users have simpler password to remember?


No; the password policy in place is the DCC policy which is also the Microsoft Complex Password Policy and standard used around the world.

Having a strong password is one of the key pieces of the security measures we need to have in place to protect our data.

However a complex password doesn’t have to be difficult to remember. Try explaining a method to your users such as using a simple mnemonic device which can help them to create a password that is complex but also easy to remember.  For example, if you wanted to be a Fire Fighter when you grew up you might consider basing your password on the sentence “When I was in school, I wanted to be a Fire Fighter”.   Combine the first letter of each word plus the number at the end, and you get “WIwisIw2baFF!” as a complex password you can easily remember by reciting the sentence in your head.


DCC Password Policy – http://faq.scomis.org/kb1607/


Reviewed – 05/02/2015

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