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Encryption – Device synchronisation and configuration updates


How are updates to the devices configuration applied, e.g. assigning a new user to a machine.


Every time an encrypted device boots1, and after a set period of time2, the encryption software contacts the Scomis servers to carry out a synchronisation.

A synchronisation can also be manually forced at any time by the following methods:

  • ScoMIS Encryption Maintenance Utility
    • Start > All Programs > ScoMIS Encryption Maintenance Utility
    • Click Force Synchronise
  • System Tray Utility
    • Right click on the McAfee Endpoint Encryption Icon (padlock) in system tray (bottom right hand side by the time)
    • Left click on show status
    • Click Synchronise

During the synchronisation process the following tasks happen:

  • Changes to configuration are applied to the client, e.g. a new user which has been assigned to the machine
  • The installation is kept up to date, e.g. a new version of the software will be automatically installed if available
  • The security log is sent uploaded to the central server, e.g. records of who has logged onto the device and when are held centrally for audit purposes

This is a secure and efficient process with all traffic between the client and central server encrypted & compressed.

Any machine which fails to synchronise once in 6 months will be disabled automatically

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1 – Boot time synchronisation happens 5 minutes after boot up with an additional 2 minute randomisation  factor to alleviate any network traffic spikes at common logon times

2 – Regular synchronisation happens every 300 minutes


Reviewed 3/2/2015

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