Remote backup – Accounts Over the Limit

Procedure for over limit accounts

  • Step 1: The ‘Accounts over limit’ email is sent to the service desk and to supportworks. Within supportworks the email will need to be moved across to the folder entitled ‘backups’. This will need to be done by the person that is on the early. The person that is doing backups for the week will then need to print the failure list from their personal email account.
  • Step 2: All accounts that are over the limit will need to have a P2 call logged for them. In the original call details you will need to record the server name. Please log and accept the call and write the reference number on the left had side of the over limit list next to the school name.
  • Step 3: In the backup console you will need to locate the school name on the list on the left hand side. Right click on the school name and click on configure. You will need to increase the ‘Group Storage limit’ by 30GB. Once you have done this click OK.  Right click on the account name and click on ‘Change account size’. This will also need to be increased by 30GB.

NB: If the schools account size has increases dramatically overnight it may be worth checking that the CBS logs have been excluded. This can be found in C:\Windows\logs\CBS

  • Step 4: For all schools that have had their limit increased you will need to send an email from within the console. Once sent you will need to record at the bottom of the over limit log sheet how many emails were sent and how many were successful. E.g. 10 emails – Sent
  • Step 5: Once all emails have been sent the individual calls can be resolved. The resolution should be worded as follows: Server name has been increased by 30GB, email has been sent and whether a manual backup was started.
  • Step 6: Once this has been done for all school on the list the log sheet can be placed in the wallet entitled ‘Accounts over the limit’.

Reviewed 18/02/2015

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