Scomis Hosted Application Connector

To connect to your hosted SIMS / FMS or other Scomis Hosted Application, whether at school or home, you need to download and install the following software –

Scomis Hosted Application Connector (v6.16)

(For 32bit or 64bit workstations)

What’s new in this release?

Please ensure that the Microsoft .net framework version 4.0 and above is enabled.


Scomis Hosted Application Connector (v6.17)

(For 32bit or 64bit workstations)

What’s new in this release?

Please ensure that the Microsoft .net framework version 4.5.1 and above is enabled.


Supported Clients

Window Version Notes
Windows 10 Scomis aim to test the Hosted Applications on the Latest versions of Microsoft Windows 10.  Scomis will support Windows 10 in line with the published support dates for the Windows 10 Operating System –

Where Windows 10 has fallen out of support, Scomis will not provide connector support for unsupported versions of Windows 10.  Please upgrade Windows 10 to a supported/newer version.

Windows 8
(All versions)
Some users report initial connection problems that can be solved following this
Windows Server 2016/2019 Users can connect from a Server Operating System. Scomis do not support nested remote desktop sessions, i.e. a user connecting to a schools server then connecting from there to the Scomis Hosted Application Service.
Apple OSX / iOS For Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook Air please see:

For Ipad, Ipad Air & other Apple devices please see

Android Devices For Android-based mobile devices and tablets please follow
ChromeOS Devices Modern Chromebooks are compatible with Android apps, we recommend using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client client from the Google PlayStore and following the instructions for the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client
Web Browser Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Client is software that will allow access to Scomis Hosted Applications via a web browser.  Please note that functionality will be limited – see for full details.
  • NOTE:  Capita SIMS .net requires Microsoft Office Products for reporting, it is the responsibility of all schools to ensure that all users and devices are covered for remote use rights by having a valid  Microsoft Office 2016 Licence (Standard Edition Minimum).

Unsupported Versions of Windows

Please see below a list of Windows Versions that are no longer supported by Scomis (these are no longer updated by Microsoft).
Scomis may stop access from these versions in future so please keep as up to date as possible.

Windows 10 If your Windows 10 build is 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809 or 1903 you should upgrade to the latest version –
To see if your computer can be updated to the latest version of Windows 10 you could use the Update Assistant:
Windows Upgrade Assistant 
Windows 7 Windows 7 is no longer a supported operating system as of January 2020.
Windows Vista Windows Vista is no longer a supported operating system.
Windows XP Windows XP is no longer a supported operating system. 
Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 is no longer a supported operating system.

If you are using any of these versions of Windows your computer could be at risk of being compromised. You may not be able to access SIMS and your data could be at risk.
You can find currently a list of supported versions of Microsoft Windows on Microsoft’s website.

If you have been directed to this FAQ to resolve a problem please be aware you need to be an “administrator” in Windows to install the software so you may need a member of your IT Support team to install this update for you onto your computer.

School ICT Staff should read the following before deploying the application:

Related FAQs & Known Issues:

Version History

Scomis Hosted Applications

  • 5.00 – Initial release, Full MSI Version, HostedApps = 5.00 Bootstrap = 2013040401.
  • 5.06 – Improved Connection testing routines.
  • 5.10 – Seamless connectivity / New Connection tester application launched from help menu / Improved bootstrap.
  • 5.30 – Carrier Neutral connectivity / Integrated Service Status.
  • 5.40 – Resolved Windows 10 Creator update issue.
  • 5.42 – Bug fixes for Windows 7 connectivity.
  • 6.08 – Re-written version using .net Framework.
  • 6.10 – Bug fixes for Windows 7 connectivity, added pre-authentication (password checking) and Always Use a gateway function.
  • 6.16 – Changes to the way users connect to a collection, updated screen options including Remote App Mode.
  • 6.17 – Fixes to Connection Detection, changes to pre-authentication – client will connect to an existing sessions


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