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Encryption – Can school holidays affect my encrypted device

You maybe worried about what happens to your encrypted device during the school holidays.  Especially over Summer when it may not be used for over six weeks.

Possible issues which may arise:

  • Forgotten Password
    • Problem: Because the Summer holidays will mean you may not use your laptop for an extended period of time it is likely that you will forget your password.
    • Solution: Follow the instructions at the log in screen if you forget your password.  If you have any problems with the local recovery process log a call with the Service Desk by calling 01392 385300.
  • Expired Password
    • Problem: Because the encryption services enforces the DCC Password Policy you are required to change your password every 42 days.  Due to the length of the Summer holiday this is likely to happen whilst you are not using your laptop.
    • Solution: If you still remember your password you will be able to log onto your laptop with an expired password, after logging on you will be forced to create a new password. If you have forgotten your password you can follow the recovery procedure explained on the login screen.
  • Isolated Device
    • Problem: The encryption software synchronises with the Scomis server regularly but if it hasn’t synced within 180 days it will be disabled.
    • Solution: Connect your laptop to the internet (either at school or home) at least once every few months to synchronise the encryption software.  You could also synchronise manually before the Summer holidays if the device has not been connected to the internet for some time. If after returning from holiday your device will not log you on you will need to log a call with the Service Desk by phoning 01392 385300..
  • Hardware Failure
    • Problem: This won’t be related to the encryption software but we do see an increase in the number of hardware faults at the start of the Autumn term.
    • Solution: Regular backups of your data are recommended throughout the year but it is worth making sure you have backed up before the device is likely to be unused for some time.

ScoMIS Encryption Service Availability During School Holidays

  • Forgotten password and recovery
    • If you forget your password simply follow the instructions on the log in screen to go through recovery.  The local recovery feature works offline 24/7.  If you need a user recovery you will need to telephone the Service Desk which will be open 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri throughout the school holidays.
  • Installations and planned maintenance
    • There maybe some planned maintenance to the encryption service during the school holidays.  This could mean that new installations are unavailable during the scheduled maintenance time.  In this case Scomis will email all Encryption Service Customers with advance notification.  The notice will also be posted on the ScoMIS homepage and news site. If you attempt an installation during a scheduled maintenance event the installation will fail before the encryption software is installed.  In other words there is no risk of a failed installation and all encrypted devices will continue to work during this time.


Deployment and Installation Documentation – http://faq.scomis.org/kb521/

Device synchronisation and configuration updates – http://faq.scomis.org/kb1471/

Can I relax the password policy for my school – http://faq.scomis.org/kb1065/

The isolation period has expired – http://faq.scomis.org/kb1448/


Reviewed 15/06/2015

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