Access Hosted SIMS via Chromebooks

       **FOR CHROMEBOOKS – This FAQ has now been superseded by so please follow that instead**

There 2 connection methods available to Chromebooks users, RD Client (app required) and WebClient (browser based). 

To connect to Hosted SIMS via the RD Client you will need to select one of links below.

We offer two connections for resilience. 

RD Client Hosted SIMS via SWGfL

RD Client Hosted SIMS via Eclipse

This will only work if you have deployed Microsoft RD Client on a supported device and have accepted the license agreement by running the software once.

If your Chromebook does not have access to RD Client, you can use the alternative method web client.

Web Client Hosted SIMS

We also have the latest version of Microsoft WebClient which we are testing, this is available on the following link.

Web Client (latest version) Hosted SIMS

The video below will show you how to run SIMS from the Chromebook using RD Client.

Connecting to SIMS via Web Shortcut

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