SLG – How to unconsolidate an SLG user

Affected Products Learning Gateway 2 AD Provisioning Service

In order to unconsolidate a user you must have version 7.122 of SLG and ADPS (August 2009 release) or later.
Only a site administrator can unconsolidate users. In order to do so access the Manage SLG User Detail Page under Site Administration.
Choose Site Actions | Edit Page.
Choose the SIMS Learning Gateway User Details web part and select Modify Shared Web Part Properties.
Expand the SIMS Learning Gateway WebPart Properties node and ensure that Use UnConsolidation is checked. Click on OK, then Exit Edit Mode.
Find the user to unconsolidate and select the UnConsolidate User option. Choose the account to UnConsolidate with.
Reviewed 01/04/2015

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