5. Completion Sign Off

After the post-migration has been completed. The school will then have to complete these final processes to sign off the migration.

  • The school will need to check all migrated databases are correct (acceptance testing), all users able to access the service and are able to print to a compatible printer.
  • The completed sign off form must be returned to Scomis within one week of migration to confirm acceptance testing.
  • The initial pre-migration data set uploaded to Scomis will be kept for 6 months before it is deleted. Your “live” data is backed up daily between 6pm and 6 am in accordance with our documented procedures: http://faq.scomis.org/kb4499

We are confident that your migration will have been completed smoothly and that the Scomis Hosted Applications Service suits your needs. We are very proud of our Hosted Applications Service and work to maximise the resources that we provide you.

If you have any comments or suggestions of how we could improve the migration process or if you have any suggestions with the service itself, we would like to hear from you. http://www.devon.gov.uk/scomis-feedback.htm

If for any reason you would like to discuss the service, please contact your account manager, Scomis Service Desk Manager or local support unit, who will be happy to assist. If you are unsure who you should contact, please call our Service Desk on 01392 385300 or email scomis@devon.gov.uk.



1. Service evaluation: Is this suitable for your school

2. Pre-migration Preparation

3. Migration

4. Post Migration 

5. Completion

Reviewed on 08/01/2021

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