Domestic Exams

SIMS Examinations Organiser is used to administer public exams, such as GCSEs.

The training booklet below explores how Examinations Organiser can also be used to administer domestic (internal/mock/PPE) examinations. This includes;

  • create a domestic exams season
  • identify candidates and issue exam numbers
  • create appropriate basedata
  • record ‘entries’
  • manage seating including clashes
  • run reports
  • clone a basedata series.


This details how SIMS Examinations Organiser can be used to manage domestic (internal/mock/PPE) examinations. The purpose of a domestic exam season in Examinations Organiser is to extend the functionality available for public exams to domestic exams.

Public exams require a formal structure of elements and components which is defined by exam boards’ basedata. To extend the use Examinations Organiser to domestic exams it is necessary to create the appropriate basedata.

This course covers the initial planning and preparation for these exams, creating basedata, managing candidates, making entries and arranging seating. It also explores links to SIMS Assessment.

Results from domestic exams can be reviewed in SIMS Assessment and included in reports to parents.

Some of the subtleties required to manage public exams (for example, distinctions between options and award layers) may be unnecessary for internal exams, but they are included in the domestic structure for two reasons:

  • If it is necessary to tier specific components (for example, foundation and higher) then they are available.
  • Once the basedata has been defined, the use of Examinations Organiser for internal exams is consistent with the corresponding functionality used for public examinations.

Once a domestic series has been created it can be cloned and re-used for future years/seasons. It is also possible to add elements created for one season into another.

Domestic Exams

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