Staff member not showing in Claims Preparation

If you cannot see a member of non teaching staff when adding a day book entry in Claims Preparation you will need to do the following:

  1. Log out of Claims Preparation
  2. Open the staff details in
  3. Under Employment Details open any current contracts
  4. Check Name (including title), Payroll Reference, NI Number and Superannuation fields are all populated
  5. Open FMS and run Salary Projections
  6. Log back into Claims Preparation and the staff member should be available.

If a teacher cannot be seen they need to be added into Claim Preparation via the Add/Edit staff option

Plymouth schools do not yet have the functionality for non teaching staff.

If you have any difficulties or this does not resolve your issue please contact the Scomis Service Desk:

Tel: 01392 38500  Email:

Reviewed 28/02/2018


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