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Encryption: Removing the encryption installation after a failed installation

Note: to remove the encryption software from a functional installation log a call with the Service Desk and it will be done remotely.


If a machine was to crash/unexpectedly restart during the encryption you may find the application is installed but the drivers aren’t activated so to the encryption settings aren’t applied.


  • Launch a command prompt
  • CD /D “C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for PC”
  • Sbsetup.exe –uninstall
  • After this has completed restart the machine and re-run the encryption installation package
  • Should this fail with a message that it can’t be uninstalled because the boot protection has been activated (or similar) try to re-run the Scomis encryption setup package and it should re-install over the top.

Reviewed 30/07/2015

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