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Encryption: Why do I need a normal and .adm account for my laptop?


The Secondary School Deployment Guidelines suggests that if a member of the ICT team has a laptop, then they need to have a normal user account as well as an admin account. But why should this be necessary when you are able to logon to the laptop with the .adm account?


The SSO (Single Sign On) functionality of the .adm accounts will always be changing because at it picks up the most recent users windows logon. Having a normal named account allows you to use the laptop with the intended SSO functionality and have it log you on to your named standard user account on the laptop. This is presuming you don’t logon to your laptop as Administrator – it is only a recommendation as you are only charged per device so can make multiple users. For example we recommend you create a separate encryption logon for a partner using the laptop at home so that you don’t to share your login details.


Last Reviewed: 23/12/2014

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