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Scomis Hosted Application Connector – Connection Tester

Scomis Hosted Application Connector – Connection Tester

Built into the Hosted Application Connection is a connection tester that will work through testing the connectivity required for access to our services.

If you are working through the necessary firewall changes required to access our services from your site it may help to speed up the process or general troubleshooting of a problem system.

Launch the tester from the help menu…


Start the test and wait a few moments, there will be a 30-40 second timeout on some of the tests where the application may appear to hang



Please be patient and wait for the summary to appear…

  • Example summary expect for a SWGfL School
  • Example Summary for an School connecting over the internet, e.g. Oxford, Portsmouth or a user connecting from home

In the case where no positive connectivity can be found a warning will appear..


Followed by a summary with details on steps you can take to rectify the problems.


Contact our Service Desk if you would like any assistance with connecting to the service.

Please note : If this FAQ is applied to a private home computer, Scomis is unable to provide support.

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Reviewed 04/04/2018

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