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Encryption – Pre-install routine checks

A number of pre-install checks are made to lessen the risks of problems during installation of the ScoMIS Encryption Service Software.  These happen automatically and depending on their outcome can either be classified as a pass, fail or warning.

  • If a condition fails the installation will not proceed and (for example) you may need to install a service pack to bring operating system in line with the compatibility requirements
  • If a condition returns a warning the installation will proceed whilst displaying the warning for information purposes.  Common warnings include:
    • Drive check not completed: Unable to determine SystemDrive Status
      • This warning relates to a check for compression at the root of the system drive and can be safely ignored
    • Cannot complete check for version of this installer: Unable to load WSDL File
      • This check is the installer looking to see if there is a more recent version and can be safely ignored because when a new version of the installer is released we will also email all customers.
      • To fix the warning check the proxy settings for internet explorer, you should be able to browse to http://upgrades.scomis.org
  • If all conditions pass the installation will proceed without any warnings

Reviewed 03/02/2015

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