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Encryption: What to do if a laptop is lost or stolen

This FAQ explains what to do if a laptop protected by the encryption service is lost or stolen.

  1. Be reassured with the fact that all of your data on that device is completely safe and secure
  2. If you are a Devon school you should report the incident to the corporate data protection team here
    1. Make sure to mention that the device was protected by the Scomis encryption service is therefore poses no risk of data exposure
  3. Log a call with the service desk, we need to remove the device from our system so that when you re-encrypt it’s replacement there is no duplicate charge
    1. We can also supply audit reports if necessary to categorically prove the data was encrypted and secure at the time of loss.

The welcome screen of all encrpted laptops includes the Scomis service desk phone number so it may also be that it can be returned if found by the police for example.


Reviewed on 16/02/2015

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