Redstor Remote Backup Part 2; Account Configuration.


This document will enable you to complete the installation and configuration of the Redstor backup client on your computer.

You should have already completed the instructions laid out in kb19763 to install the Backup Client

The Setup Wizard runs automatically the first time the Backup Client is opened.

  • You can re-run the standalone Account Wizard or Backup Wizard at any other time by clicking:
    > Tools > Wizards > Account Wizard > Tools > Wizards > Backup Wizard
    Note: If you run the Account Wizard, a warning box will appear. Click the Run Account Wizard button and follow the instructions.

The Setup Wizard typically consists of seven steps to guide you through the setup task in a simple, step-by-step manner.
Note:  Please read each window carefully before continuing.

Before starting, ensure you have the following details, which have been emailed to you

  • Backup Group
  • Account Create Key
  • Backup Account Password
  • Encryption Key

Step 1: Specify Storage Platform settings

To specify the Storage Platform settings:

Storage Platform Address =
Backup Group = Scomis\TheSchoolName (as per email)
Account Create Key = (as per email)

Note: This key is case sensitive.

Once all the correct settings have been entered, click Next.

Step 2: Backup Account type

Create or connect to a Backup Account, this will depend on the type of installation.

For a new installation, leave it as the default option of ‘I want to create a new Backup Account’

If you are re-installing after a rebuild or a technical issue and need to re-connect to an existing backup setup, select the ‘I was to connect to an existing backup account’

Different servers cannot back up to the same Backup Account. A separate Backup Account needs to be created for each server.
Click Next to continue.


3: Backup Account Details

Depending on the option you selected in the previous step, you will either be prompted to specify new backup account details or to supply the details of the existing backup account.

In the Backup Account name box, if one hasn’t been pre-defined, type a Backup Account name that describes the devices and consists of a minimum of 4 characters (i,e, MainAdminServer)
In the Backup Account password box, type a password that consists of a minimum of 4 characters. Confirm it in the Confirm password box. (this may be included in your signing up email)

In the Encryption key box, type an encryption key that consists of a minimum of 8 characters. Confirm it in the Confirm key box.

Warning: Please write down your encryption key and store it in a safe place


Click Next.



4: Backup Account Sumary

Confirm that the information you have supplied is correct, and then click next.


The Backup Client will connect to the AccountServer and configure your Backup Account. A message will be displayed confirming that your Backup Account has been successfully created.

This is the last step of the Account Wizard. After your Backup Account is successfully configured, the Setup Wizard will immediately start the Backup Wizard to help you configure your backup settings.

5: Backup Schedule

Schedule backup process Backup Pro ESE Backup Client can take backups of included files and folders either upon request (manually) or automatically. This step enables you to set up an automatic backup schedule.
Tip: We suggest backing up at night when the server is running but the Backup Client is not in use. The server must be switched on at the time(s) specified for scheduled backups, but the Windows user does not need to be logged in.

6: Confirm backup configuration

The wizard displays a summary of the choices you have made. It also shows the working folders which you can edit by clicking the ‘Change’ button.

Note: If the drive on which the Backup Client is installed has limited space available, you can move the folders to another location.

Click Next.

You have now successfully completed the Setup Wizard. Click Finish and select data to back up.

To go through the backup selection process and additional configuration settings, speak to the Scomis Service Desk, or the installation engineer during your installation.



Connecting to an existing Backup Account: 

In the Backup Account name box, type the Backup Account name. This is the previous name of the device (can be obtained through Scomis Service Desk, is unknown)

In the Backup Account password box, type the Account password. (This can be reset by the Scomis Service Desk, if not known)

In the Encryption key box, type the encryption key chosen when the Backup Account was created. (This cannot be reset and if not know you will have to create a new account)

Click Set up connection settings… if you’d like to configure your connection to the Storage Platform. Click Next.


Confirm that the information you have supplied is correct and click next.

If you have entered the correct details, you will be presented with the success page.

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