How to export a list of encrypted machine names as a CSV file

Occasionally a school will call and ask for a CSV file that contains a list of all of the encrypted laptops for that school. The following is the steps required to create this report:

  • Log into the Encryption Management Console.
  • To get to the required program press Start – All programs – Mcafee Endpoint Encryption Manager – Endpoint Encryption Reporting Tool.
  • Enter your encryption adm username and password.
  • Select the group from the left hand side of the program named “Machines by Group Report”.
  • Right click on the report group and select the option named “Create Report Configuration”.
  • Put the configuration name as the school name and press Next.
  • Make sure the check is box selected is “Specify machine groups and/or individual machines” and press next.
  • Click the “Add” button to search for a school’s DFES number, this will be for the school you are wishing to report on. Then press next.
  • Make sure the filter is only entered as a * and press next.
  • Make sure the Renderer is set as “Comma Separated Values File” (CSV) and click Finish.
  • Within the Report heading on the left hand side you will be able to expand the list to see the sub reports. Within here you will see the school that you have created the report for. Right click on the report and select “Generate Report”
  • Keep the name as today’s date and press OK.
  • You will see another sub report open under the school name, saved as today’s date. Double click on this to open the report.
  • Where the pop up says “Click here to download”, right click on the “here” and choose Save Target As to choose a folder to save this report.
  • Finally send the report to the school.

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