How to boot a Mac (OSX) into Recovery mode

If you need to do any diagnostics or your Mac will not boot up properly you can use recovery mode to investigate the issue.

  1. With the Mac shutdown hold down the Command Button and R on the keyboard then press the power button.
  2. Release the keys once the Apple logo appears.
  3. Recovery mode should then load
  4. From this screen you have access to restore files from Time Machine, Re-install the Operating System, access the Disk Utility and even go online and look for solutions.
    NOTE: Re-installing OS X in Recovery mode requires a Internet connection using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

Additional information

Recovery mode also gives you access to the following programs

  • Network Utility – which allows you to see information about the Macs network adapters such as IP and Hardware address as well use Ping to test connection to other computers.
  • Terminal – is for advanced users who know how to use the Unix commands for a Mac.
  • Firmware Password Utility – This is recommend for Mac’s which are used in public areas, but you MUST not forget the pass code you set. Keep a copy in a safe.




Reviewed on 02/03/2018

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