Kaleidos is configured to extract data and send it to a school platform.  Scomis host a serve that is joined to SIMSNET that performs the extraction.

Schools currently using Kaleidos are:

  • Heles (K3)
  • Plymstock (K1)
  • The Axe Valley School (K3) – Update – Axe Valley now use Groupcall XPorter from Oct 2012 on

Groupcall XPorter Trouble shooting –

See \EALData\Traded\ScoMIS\Managed Services\SIMS Terminal Server\Third Party\Documentation\Groupcall XPorter for Kaleidos\Installation_instructions_for_Groupcall_Xporter_CMTF_extractor_for_SIMs_-_Final_Version.pdf

Kaleidos using RM Data Extractor – troubleshooting

The Server that is running the Extract is

  • K1 – SIMSNET\KALEIDOS (plymstock) – still active.
  • K2 – SIMSNET\KALEIDOS2 (Heles) – To be decommissioned.
  • K3 – SIMSNET\KALEIDOS3 – (Axe Valley)

If there are any issues, it is recommended to log a call with RM who will remote in to this server and do the necessary checks –

Check SIMS is up to date using the Auto Upgrade SIMS program.

Each school runs from their own folder which is symbolically linked. Check the scheduled tasks and the following settings to make sure config is correct if there is a problem with the extractor not working –

Check the “Create SIMS.net Symbolic Linked folders” in scheduled tasks

Check subsequent batch file config –


Check “C:\Program Files\RM\RM MIS Data Extractor SIMS\ReportGenerator.config” settings

Check you can login to SIMS on the Kaleidos server. You will need to check or amend the connect.ini file first to ensure you’re logging into the right schools data.

Username shoud be portal. Password should be the same for all schools on this server. RM will be able to decrypt the password if we need this for testing (request during remote session).

Last Reviewed: 17/02/2015

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