Encryption – Usability support for visually impaired users

To enable visually impaired users to easily use an laptop once it has been encrypted you need to contact the Service Desk.  We can make a change to the device configuration which will add the following audible notifications to the pre-boot authentication screen:

As the user tabs (or shift-tabs) between ontrols, the Pre-Boot will emit various beep sequences to indicate where they are. Other beep sequences will be used when an error is displayed, when password timeouts are displayed and when a logon is successful. Specifically, the sequences are:

Location or Event Audible Sound Sequence
Username Field A single beep
Password field A double beep
Change password checkbox A double beep with a longer pause between each beep
OK button 3 beeps with a longer pause after the first beep
Cancel button 4 beeps with a longer pause after the first beep
Token selection list 4 beeps
Error 4 beeps with a longer pause after the first and third beep
Password timeout 5 beeps
Logon Successful 3 beeps

Please note that no audible sounds are available for the local recovery function so a visually impaired user will need to contact the Service Desk in the event that they forget their password.


Last reviewed 22/12/14

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