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Encryption: How To fix bad MBR (Master Boot Record) message after initial installation

Use of this procedure is entirely at your own risk

This procedure and the application “Wintech” if used incorrectly can and will cause irrecoverable data loss

Howto: fix bad MBR (Master Boot Record) message after initial installation


We have found the initial installation to be incompatible with some recovery partitions that device vendors use.  This issue will be evident after the second restart when after logging into the McAfee pre-boot screen there is a message relating to an invalid/incompatible/missing MBR.  This issue can also be cause by a virus breaking the machines MBR.

Tools Required:


  1. Boot the device using the WINTECH cd
  2. Obtain the code of the day – Visit http://faq.scomis.org/kb4849/ to obtain the code
  3. Launch Wintech from the start menu once the bootable winpe environment has loaded
  4. Enter the code for the day to unlock the features
  5. You then need to authenticate using one of the following options:You then need to authenticate using one of the following options:
    • Authenticate from SBFS – always try this option first
      • Click onto Wintech > Authenticate from SBFS
      • Logon with selected token “password only token”
      • Enter the users encryption username and password
    • Authenticate from Database – Scomis need to provide you with a machine export file from the central server to use this option and it should only be used when the “Authenticate from SBFS” method fails
      • When the Select Transfer Database window opens, ensure that the correct system configuration is on the disk.
      • Select the correct system configuration, then click OK.
      • When the Select Machine window opens, confirm that the correct name is listed (there should only be one name listed).
      • Click Use Selected Machine.
  1. Chose Disk > Set Safe MBR
  • This re-inserts the boot sectors (MBR) needed by the encryption software
  1. Restart the machine
  2. If this does not resolve the issue either:
    1. Accept data loss and re-image then re-encrypt the device – remember to let Scomis know if you take this route to avoid a duplicate device being charge to your school.
    2. Telephone the Scomis Service Desk and log an incident advising what steps you have taken etc.  We can offer to bring the laptop back to Scomis for investigation with the Recovery Media, Backup Media, Power Supply Etc. – this is a chargeable service


Reviewed on 27/07/2016

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