Attendance – Editing Reason for Change of Mark

Editing the Reason for Change of Mark

 A default reason for change of mark must be defined as part of the set up process (Tools | Setups | Attendance Setup).  However, if the default reason for change of mark is not appropriate for all marks that have been changed, individual reasons for change can be edited.

Searching for Changed Marks

1. Select Routines | Attendance | Edit Reason for Change to display the Reason For Changes browser. 

2. A default date range of ‘from one month ago to yesterday’ is displayed. If a different date range is required, enter the appropriate dates in the From and to fields or click the associated Calendar buttons and select the required dates. 

3. By default, the Group Type is displayed as Whole School. If a different Group Type is required, select the group from the drop-down list then click the Search button to refresh the display. 

4. If you wish to Include accepted applicants, select the check box then click the Search button to refresh the display. 

5. Double-click the required group or highlight the group and click the Open button to display the Reason For Changes page.  To select more than one group, hold down the Ctrl key and click the required groups to highlight them. The Select All button and Deselect All button (located at the bottom left-hand side of the browser) can also be used, if required. 

Editing the Reason for Change 

The Reasons For Change page displays the previous mark and the name of the person who recorded it, along with the name of the person who changed it and the new mark. The default reason for change (a s defined via Tools | Setups | Attendance Setup) is displayed on the right-hand side of the grid. 

The pupil/student’s name, registration group, register date, class, the date and time of the change, and the method of entry, e.g. Manual Entry, are also displayed. Only the Reason For Change column is editable. 

1. In the Reason For Change column, click the required cell then select the applicable reason for the change from the drop-down list.* 

2. Click the Save button. 

3. If you wish to save the details displayed on the screen, click to the Print button to display the Run a Screen Based Report dialog. The information is displayed in your web browser, from where the report can be printed, if required.

* The types of lookup available can be added to as follows:-

Adding new lookups for Reason for Change of Mark 

1. Use Tools | Lookups | Maintain and change the data area to Attendance.

2. Select the “Reason for Change of Mark” and open this.

3. Click on the “New” icon and add the other reasons for a change of mark that the school requires e.g. Changed on advice of EWO.

Reviewed on 25/10/2016


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