17 Aug 2017
Defining the Recipients of Exam Result Messages   Select Tools | InTouch | Exam Results Setup | New In the Basic Details panel, enter a Description for the definition. Select the Exam…
1 Aug 2016
Pupils have joined the school since the tests so their results are not showing on the marksheets. They need to be entered in the same way they would have been at the…
27 Jul 2011
The results have been downloaded from the board  but I cannot locate the  file... The files should have been downloaded into the directory designated in your ED I  (Electronic Data Interchange) software.…
To import a result file... 1. Select Tools | Import Results & Enrolments from the Menu Bar to open the Import Results & Enrolments dialog. 2. Select the Results radio button to…
Export to xml

How to Export the Results Using the Key Stage Manager Wizard

If you wish to use the Key Stage Manager Wizard to export the results to a XML file:

1. Click the Next button on the Individual Report screen.


2.  The Group Membership Dates display the current academic year by default. If you wish to change these dates click the Refresh button to display the pupils who are on roll between the selected dates for the particular group.

3. Deselect the check boxes adjacent to any pupils for whom you do not wish to export results.

4. Click the Export button, enter a name for results file and navigate to the location where you would like the file to be saved.

5. Click the Save button and a message The XML file has been created successfully will be displayed at the bottom of the Export screen.

6. Click the Finish button to exit the wizard.

7 .Upload the file to your LA in the normal way prescribed by them.

29 Jul 2010
Examination results are generally available for download at midnight on Results Download Day. To restrict the publication and viewing of examination results before their official release time (i.e. 06:00 on the Thursday,…
Go to Reports | Results | Candidate Statement of Results: 1. Season should be the current season. 2. An Exam series can also be chosen. 3. Groups can be chosen from registration…