Autumn 2020 Upgrade to SIMS (v7.196) and FMS (v6.196)

The Autumn 2020 SIMS Upgrade (V7.196) & FMS (V6.196) is planned to be rolled out over the weekend starting Friday 13th November 2020

Release notes containing detailed information on what is included in the upgrade can be downloaded below:

Please note:SIMS have released a “Consolidated Workstation Patch 1” – for the issue of being unable to search for contacts via the Home page quick search with SIMS Version 7.196

Hosted schools – The “Consolidated Workstation Patch 1” has been applied accross the Hosted platform on the 2nd December.

Non Hosted schools – The patch has been released to Solus for you to deploy, just search for “Consolidated Workstation Patch 1”


Autumn 2020 SIMS for Primary Schools – What’s New

Autumn 2020 SIMS for Secondary Schools – What’s New

Autumn 2020 FMS – What’s New

Autumn 2020 Phonics Bulletin

Upgrading your own data? – you may find the following FAQ’s useful:












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